Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Mentally De-cluttering Benefits of House Cleaning

Health Care Blog - Benefits of House Cleaning
The visually rewarding merits of living in a clean environment cannot be argued upon. But did you know that such visual pleasure also radiates positive health benefits capable of affecting your mind? Classified as one of the practices of mindfulness, house cleaning possesses a literal (tidying up your house) and figurative (doing away with your emotional baggage) interpretation. Both of them serve to benefit you mentally by bringing your mind into a state of mindfulness. Being mindful means having your mind cleared of unwanted and unnecessary thoughts induced either by your environment or your mind per se—as a reaction to your experiences.

As the cliché goes, “It's all in the mind.” And to ready your mind for maximizing the midfulness reward you get from cleaning your house, observe these important pointers:
  • Before you start tidying up, you must first program your mind to view the exercise as a beneficial one—an easy but very effective way of understanding yourself in a deeper sense.
  • Tell yourself that cleaning your house  relieves your stress—each area cleaned lifts the burden off your mind.
  • While you are cleaning, focus on the sensations perceived by your senses in every activity of the moment.

Written By : Maris Modesto

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