Sunday, December 6, 2009

Exercise: Keeping a Healthy Life

Mostly, if we heard the word exercise, the first thing that crosses our minds is the physical exercise. Exercise is a physical activity and one of the best way to keep our body and muscles become more stronger. It boost up your heart rate which makes your muscles attain the higher level of its physical fitness.

There are three types of exercise: light exercise, moderate exercise and vigorous exercise. The light exercise is a less physical exertion. You can still chat or talk while doing this exercise. One good example of this is walking or light jogging. In moderate exercise, you can feel that you're slightly out of breath. The intensity of this type of exercise, according to a new study, it should be done for about 100 steps per minute. The third one, the Vigorous exercise, it is a type that makes you breath more rapidly and still pushing your energy to its top limit without doing any damage to your body.

Choosing a type of exercise for is very important. Don't push too hard yet. Let your body and muscle feel every pressure step by step. Exercising with friends and family member is a sociable way. It keeps not only your body stronger, but also your bonding with each other. Also, you will be able to motivate each other when one of you loses momentum.

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