Friday, December 11, 2009

Importance of Warm Up Exercise

It is a must to prepare our muscles first before every workout or exercise. Warm Up is the only way to do that. It boost the circulation of the blood in the muscle, it prepares us mentally and physically for the task ahead, it improves our performance and it helps prevent injury. Athletes of all sports do this as their own rituals. Most of them elevate their body temperature by doing 5-10 minutes of soft cardiovascular exercise. One good example of this exercise is jogging.

There are different ways to warm up. Jogging is the most common. It can be done indoor or outdoor. Doing it indoor, it would be better if you have stationary bike or treadmill. While jogging, we should always remember to keep our feet and knees aligned and bend the knees when landing. Jumping jacks is another type of warm up too. In order to do it correctly, you need to raise your arms above your head then jump at the same time. Make your own repetitions until you break the light sweat.

If these warm ups are done perfectly, your body is now ready for a much harder training. As time goes by, you can add the speed of your drills as you become more efficient at performing them. This will stimulate your nervous system and increase the energy of your muscles for handling more dynamic contractions.

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