Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All Natural Cough-Cold-Sore Throat Remedy

You've probably noticed how cold it has become since the second half of 2009. We have global warming, and us ultimately, to blame for all this. But if there's one thing that you can expect to rise with this temperature drop is the incidence of cold weather-related disease.

There's cold, cough, and sore throat to name a few. But instead of immediately reaching for the usual pharmaceutical remedies, why not try to go with an all-natural cough-cold-sore throat buster?

For this concoction, you'll need:

1 whole lemon

1 cup apple juice

1 inch ginger

1 tbsp honey

1 pinch cayenne

Place all ingredients in a blender and puree it until the mixture is smooth. Strain the solids and put them away. The liquid that remains will work in soothing you from your cough, cold, or sore throat.

This drink was originally intended to soothe sore throat problems, but have been found as effective in dealing with coughs and colds too. You can choose to drink it as is after draining the solid bits or heat it up in the microwave to make it more comforting for your throat. It's your choice.

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Medical Marijuana: Blessing or Curse?

For the longest time, a debate about marijuana being a safe medicine to use for painful conditions has been going on. On one side, people see it as a double-edged sword that could backfire and end up causing more harm than good. On the other hand, others believe that if control and regulation are implemented, addiction and substance dependency can be controlled and the full benefits enjoyed.

More and more states are allowing access to medical marijuana. This is because it has been proven to work in helping relieve discomfort in various medical conditions like chronic pain, glaucoma, cancer, and the likes.

But in as much as cannabis offers such benefits, the fact remains that it is still a potentially addictive substance. It's bad enough that these people are already sick, we have to get them high on weed?

I doubt if the two opposing sides will ever agree about using medical marijuana. It is, after all, both potentially good and bad. Personally, I think regulation is the only way to make sure that using marijuana for medicinal purposes won't blow up on our faces. We've seen that happen too many times with narcotic pain killers.

What do you think?

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

Friday, February 19, 2010

Safety Over Comfort: Condoms For STD Prevention

Like it or not, one's sexual health is just as important as any other aspect of our well-being. And with society becoming more and more sexually permissive, it's only natural that we learn how to protect our sexual health from dwindling.

We're not simply talking about keeping our ability to reproduce here. We're talking about keeping ourselves protected from the many sexually transmitted diseases going around.

For some people, using condoms isn't really an enticing idea because: 1. it decreases the sensation; and 2. wearing a condom feels unnatural for some people.

However, you have to keep in mind that using a condom is the best way to protect against STDs. How do most STDs get passed on? Through flesh and semenal fluid contact. Condoms make sure that there is very little, if any at all, of that.

Seriously, what's a little discomfort if it means that you don't have to worry about contracting a sexually transmitted infection and the shame that comes along with it.

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tips to Get Better Sleep

Sleep is the time our bodies go on repair mode. You may not see it, but the stress we go through everyday causes minute cellular damage that can ultimately lead to different diseases. Getting enough sleep is actually a great way to stay healthy.

“What if I can't sleep well?”, you ask. That makes you part of the many who seem to have sleeping difficulties.

Fear not, though, as there are ways to get better sleep.

1. Make sure your room is conducive for sleep. Keeping your room dark, well-ventilated, and clean ensures that you get comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

2. Don't drink stimulating beverages before sleeping. How can you expect to sleep when you just chugged down something that'll jolt your system up?

3. De-stress before sleeping. A warm bath, a 20-minute meditation session, or journalling may help leave the day's stresses behind. Stress, be it physical or psychological, actually helps keep you awake.

Make sure to get 8 to 10 hours of undisturbed sleep to enjoy the full benefits of sleep. If you can't, then try to get as much of it as your schedule can possibly allow because your body needs all the rest it can get.

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Losing Stubborn Cellulites

Cellulites are stubborn. Once you have it, it's going to be hard to get rid of it. It's unflattering and unsightly, especially if they're really that obvious.

Let's start off with some facts about cellulite. Cellulite isn't the build-up of excess fat. It is actually caused by unevenly toned and unused muscle.

Exercise and dieting can help you shrink cellulite, but it'll take a while before you can see the effects. This is most true for people who perform generic exercises in an attempt to reduce cellulite.

However, if you perform cellulite-busting exercises or regimens that are meant to tone cellulite prone areas like the underarms, thighs, and buttocks, then you can expect to get visible results.

Heel pushes can tone the calves as well as the front and back side of your thighs. The butterfly position will help stretch and tone your inner and outer thighs too.

It's all a matter of finding the correct toning exercise that will focus on your problem area. To be safe, ask a licensed physical therapist or fitness instructor for the right exercise for your goal.

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

Caring For Your Face

If you ask what part of the body they first look at when they meet somebody, many would say that they initially look at the face. It is for this reason that one should take good care of one's face.

Here are some face care tips I've picked up:

You don't need to spend so much for facial care products. Having a pH balanced soap, moisturizer, and oil blotter should do the trick.

Start off by washing your face with soap and water before going out and before going to bed. Doing so eliminates the chances of dirt sinking deeper into your pores.

Next up, don't forget to moisturize after washing your face with soap. Although you may have a pH balanced soap, it still strips off some of the natural oils in your face. These oils help keep your skin soft and supple.

Now, throughout the day, your skin will continuously produce oil. If you don't clean them off, they can accumulate and trap dirt. Dirt that may lead to pimples which you do not want to have.

Like it or not, we live in a world where you're going to be the butt of all jokes if you don't observe proper facial hygiene. You don't want that to happen to you now, do you?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love Your Skin: Tips to Keep Skin Moisturized, Naturally

Dry, scaly skin can be very unsightly, and nobody wants to have that. Sure you can buy all those expensive moisturizers to keep your skin smooth and glowing, but why spend on something chemical when you've got natural solution to your skin moisture problem?

Let's start off with water. We've always been told to drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily. This is because each and every cell in the body requires water to function. It is the water in our skin cells that give its supple feel.

But skin will only stay supple while its moisture-locking barrier is intact. Once its gone, you're going to start showing signs of water-loss (wrinkles, dryness, flaking, etc.). To make sure that the moisture stays in, try including omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods like salmon and tuna to your diet.

Of course, I'd have to say steering clear of alcohol and other dehydrating drinks will be a good idea if you don't want to lose your skin's moisture this early on. You don't want to look like you're 40 before you even reach mid-30's do you?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cancer-Combatting Foods

We've always been told to eat healthy because it'll keep us healthy and disease-free. As kids, I always thought that this was just my mom's way of tricking me into eating vegetables, which I really hated back then.

But as it turns out, it's all true. I've recently read that there are certain foods that actually help lower one's risk of cancer. Which foods are these? Here are some examples:

  1. Brussel sprouts. I used to hate eating these. But as it turns out, brussel sprouts are rich in indole, a compound that triggers hormone breakdown in the liver. This is actually great in preventing hormone-dependent cancers from starting.
  2. Spinach. Yet another of my least favorite veggies as a child. But this leafy vegetable is regarded as the healthiest of all. Rich in powerful antioxidants, spinach has been observed to combat liver, ovarian, colon, and prostate cancer.
  3. Berries. I'm not a big fan of sour fruits, but berries are said to be rich in anthocyanins. These A-grade antioxidants have been studied to impede cancer cell growth without affecting the growth of normal cells.
Now who would've thought my least favorite foods were good for fighting cancer?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Be Happy and Lice-Free

monkeys nitpickingGrowing up, I remember having lice infestation every summer. And every summer, I'd have to endure hours of nitpicking sessions with my cousins. I tell you, having lice infestations weren't nice.

I used to think that it had something to do with the humid weather we had during summer. But then as I grew up, I found out that you can pick up lice by simply sharing things with someone who's had lice.

Of course, hours of nitpicking sessions would often do the trick for getting rid of lice. But that would be a bit of an inconvenience if you don't have a lot of spare time. But nowadays, there are shampoos that can help kill lice and stop them from multiplying.

Shampoos that contain coconut oil or olive oil contain fatty acids that break down the exoskeleton of lice and eventually kill them. Also, shampoos that contain tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil are said to have an odor that drives away lice.

People with lice infestations have it easy nowadays. With the right choice of shampoo, they can be lice-free in as little as a week. No more extended hours of nitpicking. You guys are so lucky!