Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cooking Tips That'll Help You Lose Weight

Many have jumped the fitness bandwagon and have chosen to follow fad diets left and right. Many of us think that by limiting our menu choices, we actually take ourselves one step closer to our goal.

But is it really just the food we eat? Why don't we take a look at how we prepare it?

Let's start off with meal choices. Instead of cooking on the fly, why not plan the menu at the start of the week? This way, you'll save time thinking of what's good and healthy to prepare for the day.

Start choosing lean cuts. Be it beef, pork, or chicken, make sure that most of the fat is removed from the meat. This allows you to get the protein your body needs, but less the fat and calories.

Go with simple recipes. Don't choose menu entries that take too many steps to prepare and cook. Example of simple dishes are baked, steamed, or broiled meats.

Remember that even the healthiest of food can turn bad when it's prepared the wrong way. So before you start thinking of which foods are healthy, go back to the beginning and think of healthier ways to prepare your food instead.

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

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