Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Fight Mid-Day Sleepiness

If there's one thing that distracts me from work the most, it's feeling sleepy. It's kind of hard focusing on work when you're feeling dizzy because of sleepiness.

How do you fight sleepiness anyway?

The best way is to get enough sleep at home. Eight to ten hours of restful, undisturbed sleep should suffice to provide you with enough energy to go through the day.

But since it's impossible for most people to get at least eight hours of sleep, let's try the next best thing - the power nap. The power nap is the more popular term for a 20-minute nap that seems to works wonders in re-energizing the body.

Go with time-tested caffeine. Coffee is guaranteed to help us snap out of sleepiness. Just be careful not to drink too much coffee past 3pm, because it may make it difficult for you to sleep in the evening.

Wash your face. For some people, splashing their face with cold water jolts their minds back to consciousness. Although this may be true, the effects don't really last very long.

There you go, some tips on how you can fight off mid-day sleepiness. 

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

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