Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why You Should Think Twice About Smoking Inside the Home

Smoking is one of many vices that men and women are hooked on. Like drugs and alcohol, smoking is a form of substance dependency. And believe it or not, it's much harder to quit smoking than to drop drug usage or excessive drinking.

For some people, smoking has become a normal part of their day that they do it anywhere – even inside the home. But what they don't know is that by doing so, they endanger the lives of their loved ones.

It wouldn't hurt to keep in mind that second-hand smokers have it worse than actual smokers. They have a higher risk of getting lung cancer than first-hand smokers. Also, children who live with smokers tend to develop respiratory tract conditions like asthma or chronic bronchitis. Trust me, it's not fun to have these conditions.

Now, it wouldn't hurt to be more considerate about the people you share the house with. If you want to smoke, take it outside instead of puffing deadly smoke inside the house. Remember that it's not just your life you endanger whenever you light up inside the house.

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