Monday, February 1, 2010

Be Happy and Lice-Free

monkeys nitpickingGrowing up, I remember having lice infestation every summer. And every summer, I'd have to endure hours of nitpicking sessions with my cousins. I tell you, having lice infestations weren't nice.

I used to think that it had something to do with the humid weather we had during summer. But then as I grew up, I found out that you can pick up lice by simply sharing things with someone who's had lice.

Of course, hours of nitpicking sessions would often do the trick for getting rid of lice. But that would be a bit of an inconvenience if you don't have a lot of spare time. But nowadays, there are shampoos that can help kill lice and stop them from multiplying.

Shampoos that contain coconut oil or olive oil contain fatty acids that break down the exoskeleton of lice and eventually kill them. Also, shampoos that contain tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil are said to have an odor that drives away lice.

People with lice infestations have it easy nowadays. With the right choice of shampoo, they can be lice-free in as little as a week. No more extended hours of nitpicking. You guys are so lucky!

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