Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All Natural Cough-Cold-Sore Throat Remedy

You've probably noticed how cold it has become since the second half of 2009. We have global warming, and us ultimately, to blame for all this. But if there's one thing that you can expect to rise with this temperature drop is the incidence of cold weather-related disease.

There's cold, cough, and sore throat to name a few. But instead of immediately reaching for the usual pharmaceutical remedies, why not try to go with an all-natural cough-cold-sore throat buster?

For this concoction, you'll need:

1 whole lemon

1 cup apple juice

1 inch ginger

1 tbsp honey

1 pinch cayenne

Place all ingredients in a blender and puree it until the mixture is smooth. Strain the solids and put them away. The liquid that remains will work in soothing you from your cough, cold, or sore throat.

This drink was originally intended to soothe sore throat problems, but have been found as effective in dealing with coughs and colds too. You can choose to drink it as is after draining the solid bits or heat it up in the microwave to make it more comforting for your throat. It's your choice.

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

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  1. Thanks for the quick home remedy...there is not much help on throat infection and cold and cough and often neglected it affects the patient and prolongs for a long period.