Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Diet Slips to Avoid

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  • Gorging during eat-outs.
    In the fast-paced life characterizing today, eating at fastfoods and restaurants are part and parcel of city living. And because foods served in these establishments are often calorie-laden and at times even unhealthy, practising vigilance whenever you eat out is a must.

  • Indulging yourself in family food faves.
    It does not mean that your hubby and kids are feasting on a pizza, you can do the same too. Knowing that such foods can be bad for you when you eat too much, you should muster the self-discipline to practise control whenever necessary—and this includes those uber-tempting times when you are forced to watch everyone else have their fill of a local favorite. Should you find yourself in such a situation, it would be best to just divert your attention. Busy yourself with other things while everyone eats.

  • A nibble here, a nibble there.
    Nibbles may not count as much when you look at it individually. But accumulated nibbles could rake in as much or even more calories than you realize. You would be better off dealing with your hunger pangs by having a full meal instead of eating bit by bit.

Written By: Maris Modesto

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