Thursday, October 21, 2010

Motivation Is Key

health care blog - motivation is key
If you're having a hard time staying on the right track of proper weightloss, your determination could be waning.  Succeeding with your diet relies on staying motivated and grounded in your reasons for wanting to shed those excess pounds. Beyond food restrictions and rigid exercise regimens, your reasons serve as the backbone of your entire diet program. Having the wrong reasons for dieting could mean losing motivation halfway through it. Below, I share the three main reasons that motivates me to keep up with the diet I have started:
  • My health
    Having reached my 30's with all these unsightly excess weight puts me at risk of coming down with many illnesses. Since heart disease and diabetes runs in my family, losing weight is imperative if I don't want to contract either one of them. Moreover, my chances of getting them earlier than my other older relatives is higher given the kind of stressful lifestyle I live.
  • My sanity
    Several heartbreaks lead to countless binge-eating sprees. These resulted to more than 50 pounds of unwanted flab accumulating mostly around my tummy. And with this my self-esteem took a radical plunge. To keep myself from going mad due to the anxiety borne of poor self-esteem, I mustered the courage to finally get serious with weightloss.

Written By: Maris Modesto

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