Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creative Outlets for Anger

Most angry people choose to brood over the emotion and dwell in it. But why waste your time swimming in such negativity when you can use it to fuel your creative side.

Anger, among many emotions, set off inspiration in a lot of artists. Why not use the feeling to tap into the artist in you and try out these creative outlets:
  • Painting. Some people let off steam by bringing out their paint brushes and creative works of art. Some say that it's the colors they use for the paintings that calm them down, while others say focusing on painting makes them forget about the anger altogether.
  • Writing. You can choose to use the anger to write an inspiring story of overcoming such negative emotions or write an emotional poem describing how hurt you were at the time. Be it a song, story, or poem, you can choose to use the feeling to create literary pieces that allow you to vent and entertain at the same time.
You can try out other forms of art like carving, pottery making, or even landscaping. Find one that works for you and use it to ease out of the emotion. You'll feel calmer and you'll have a masterpiece to show for it too.

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

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