Thursday, September 23, 2010

Common Stress Overload Triggers

Health Care Blog - Common Stress Overload Triggers
Pressure that is either too intense, prolonged, or both serves as the primary factor behind stress overload. Combine this with how each of us individually react to stress given our distinctive personalities, then we have an individualized stress equation in our hands, meaning that no two people experience stress overload in exactly the same way.

Nonetheless, these differences does not discount the truth that despite individual variations, our frequent or continuous exposure to the following stress-inducing circumstances would likely result to stress overload , a.k.a breakdown, in the long run:

  • Violence and other emotionally straining scenarios
  • Being bullied or our failure to assert ourselves
  • Relationship issues, particularly those involving loved ones
  • Heartbreaking emotions associated with losing a loved one
  • Failure to resolve problems persisting for a long period
  • Inability to vent negative emotions properly
  • Overloaded schedules, especially those which leaves little or no time for rest and relaxation or personal enjoyment

Written By: Maris Modesto

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