Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Compulsive Eater

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As a teen, it never occurred to me that I had an eating problem. But as my binging frenzies increased—along with the rising stress I had to deal with as I matured—it wasn't long before my digestive system finally reacted, causing pain and bowel irregularities that worsened with the passing of the years.

After a third vist to the doctor, the reality behind my destructive inclination was finally brought to light. Although my attending doctor then didn't really give me a formal diagnosis of being a compulsive eater, he suggested that I get counseling to address any underlying issue that could have prompted my wild eating habits. All these indications I had fit the profile of a compulsive eater to a tee:
  • Gorging on copious amounts of food though I wasn't physically hungry
  • Eating at a faster than usual, especially when stressed out
  • Inability to stop even when full
  • A strong urge to eat alone and hide my eating habits from others
  • Guilt/depressive feelings following a binging spree
  • Linking my frustrations and failures to my weight
  • Jumping from one diet to another in an effort to lose weight
  • Making eating and dieting the focus of my life

Written By: Maris Modesto

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