Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Alcohol Affects Teens

Health Care Blog - Alcohol Affects Teens
As a teenager, I've never been predisposed to drinking beer or any alcoholic beverages. Besides loathing the taste, I've suffered tremendously from chest pain and nausea after having tried it once during a casual drinking spree with friends. As it turns out, my decision to steer clear of it after that horrible incident was right. Researchers have confirmed that alcohol does adversely affect certain functions of the brain, especially for teens.
  • Alcohol impairs teens' decision making ability, as the perfrontal cortex—part of the brain responsible for decisions and planning—isn't bound to mature until after the teen years. Imbibing alcohol could lead to teens' inability to rationalize and weigh consequences properly.
  • Also, they may become forgetful, as their memory is bound to be adversely impacted.
  • Since drinking often could develop a tolerance among teens, hence making them drink more, they risk becoming alcoholic dependents.
  • Alcohol can prompt them to indulge in risky behviors. In turn, the latter could promote damages to the brain's connections as they mature.
  • Alcohol could either interfere or result to deadly consequences if they're taking certain medications. Bad chemical reactions between alcohol and medicines can negatively impact judgment and motor skills. 

Written By: Maris Modesto

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