Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Learning to Be Hardy

Half the time, I find myself unable to control my responses to certain situations life hurls at me. This happens whenever troublesome events arise suddenly, or problems avalanche, leaving me helpless and miserable. Sounds like you? Do not despair.

Not all of us are born with hardy personas—stress-resistant personalities, but we could work hard to acquire some, if not all of its qualities.
  • Staying committedBeing commited is having a purpose. Having a purpose defines our reason for living. Whether this involves making ourselves and loved ones happy or achieving excellence in our chosen fields, any kind of purpose suffices to motivate us to put our efforts, time, and abilities to good use.
  • Taking controlNone of us could be in command of everything all the time. However, having a sense of control implies that we know how to take charge of ourselves, especially in handling our stressors.
  • Living up to the challengeSeeing life as a challenge that needs to be overcome instead of a burden is what differentiates a hardy person from his weak counterparts. Hence, he acquires a positive outlook in life, enabling him to bounce back and stay rooted in his values despite adversities.

Written By: Maris Modesto

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