Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Arm Swinging is Good For Your Health

Health experts have been keen to remind people that exercise is a vital part of staying fit and healthy. The problem with hearing the term exercise is that people often associate it to difficult routines or exercise sets.

But what if I tell you that you can exercise by swinging your arms?

Arm swinging is a Tai Chi warm-up move that helps get you pumped up for the day. How do you do the arm swing? Here's a quick guide:

Swing your arms backwards as far as gravity allows, then swing your arms forward. Do this for a couple of minutes before intensifying the workout.

Increase the intensity by lowering your center of gravity a little and lifting your heels while you swing your arms forwards and back.

You can up your arm-swinging level some more by jumping as you sway your arms. Jump higher as you progress.

The exercise is good for 15 minutes. It should be done twice daily to enjoy the full benefits of arm swinging. Also, don't forget that to end the exercise, you must gradually slow the pace down to a full stop.

So what are you waiting for? Start arm-swinging today.

Written By: Abbey Grace Yap

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  1. It sounds so simple, but I think this could be really good for you. You are so right, we do complicate the issue far too much. Putting on some music and dancing your heart out for a few minutes is also exercise. Nice article!